A list of Pragati Mehra’s serials

TV Serials

Uttaraan: Divya Thakur Divya – Thakur is a typical high-heeled lady really conscious of standing in the society. She is arrogant, sturdy, stylish and divergent from Jogi Thakur. She takes care of the Thakur household and illustrates arrogance and callous behavior. She gets feeble a few time before her spouse, Jogi Thakur for whom she has great respect and regard. She fumbles when Jogi is around and usually hesitant to go against her husbands decision or opinion. Tapasya being her kid, she is over-protective towards her and cares for her. Thing that bothers Divya is her inability to produce an other kid and fulfill Tapasya wish of having an other sibling. An other thing that makes Divya feel guilty is not producing a male heir. In the past 7 generations of the Thakurs, hers is the girl kid. Although her spouse, Jogi Thakur was extremely supportive towards her and was her pillar of strength.

Chhoti Bahu – Sawaar Ke Rang Rachi: Maheshwaari – Is the elder bahu of the household