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Co-producer, Hats Off Productions. Writter for Sarabhaai Vs Sarabhaai. He rose from a writer to a successful producer, he says somehow, life hasn’t been a struggle although things have fallen in place for me. I am a product of meeting the right people at the right time. I strongly believe life is a journey and not a race. And this, coming from a producer and the brain behind the immensely successful serials such as Khichdi, Sarabhaai vs Sarabhaai and Ba bahu aur babli. My household’s been into the textiles business for yrs, although he never ever fit into it. I began doing Gujaraati theater and scripting for Gujaraati tv serials. My chance in the Hindi language TV space happened along with Alpaviraam. , Ek Mahaal ho sapno ka happened, that I thoroughly enjoyed writing.

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