Ajay Krish Soap Details

TV Serials

Baseraa: Harsh Manchandaa Harsh -

Mamta: Siddarth Rai – Sid is the buddy of Mamta. Mamta came to his house for work. Although Sid’s mom liked her so much that she wanted that Sid and Mamta should get tied the knot with. Sid was not agree along with the decision although had to agree as his mom got ill and her wish was that she wants to see Mamta as her child-in-law.

Ardhangani – Ek Khoobsurat Jeevan Sathi: Priyam Bhattacharyaa – Priyam is Kangana’s spouse, Priyam cannot stand that his spouse is far more talented and in-demand compared to him, and along with every passing day, his insecurities about Kangana keeps growing. He even accuses Kangana of having an affair along with his own best buddy Nivan. And out of his lowliness complex, he starts keeping an eye on her to know that what Kangana does and whom she meets.