All about Ankur Nayyar

Ankur Nayyar as done a lot of advertisements such as. . Maruti Alto, Rotomac Pen, Nivea Cream, L, Niit, Doller Body Warmer . M. L. Freedom Bike, Kodak movie, Nestle Bar One Chocolate, Ponds Deodorant & Atlaas Cycles. He has done muzic videos for well-known singers lik Jagjit Singh & Subha Mudgal. He is a successful TV artist having serials such as Kanyadan & Kasuti Zindigi Ki for Balaaji, Kashmir, Ek Aur Fauji, Reth, Jeet, Hey, Des Mein Nikla Hoga Chand . . . Yehi To Hai Woh and Kohinoor and films such as Yakeen, Hum Jo Keh Na Paye & Detective Nani.

TV Serials

Ghar. . Ek Sapnaa

Sammaan – Sammaan is a typical city-bred handsome boy really would open and free relationships of friendship around him. He’s a great second child to his dad and runs the household business. Being a complete big-city man, Sammaan somehow looks at the little-town people and values, as really different from his own. Though all set to marry Vanshikaa, the child of his dads business partner Saxenaa, he flirts dangerously along with Kakul in Patnaa. Although Sammaan is not sure about his feelings for Kakul, he makes her believe that he likes her immensely. Sammaan lacks strength in his values although he becomes more mature and responsible human being. In the course of time Sammaan realizes how important love and family ties are and goes to any extent to protect Kakul.


Vikram Mall – He is the Economics teacher and an ex-student of the school. He is a maverick professor, a young idealist who leaves a life that the world describes as successful and comes back to his alma mater to teach. . . As he believes he can make a difference. His radical thoughts and extreme rebellion to the old university and authority get him on the wrong side of the trustees and the Vice Principal. Although they get him well-known among students and other teachers. The effervescent zeal and fervour of Vikram Mall brings hope to the crumbling university. He encourages the students to dream, and to work towards realising their dreams. To him success is not the opp of failure, it is trying hard to succeed. He likes teaching and wants to make a difference in the stays of his students. Mall has got a scathing wit. He is an intense teacher who goes out of his way to help the students. In fact, he almost goes too far in his efforts, throwing himself into the character portrayal of mentor and guidance counsellor. His intentions are forever great, although sometimes his methods are questionable. He has an intense side to him, that he keeps well hidden.

Yahan Main Ghar Ghar Kheli

Sanskaar – Abha’s young days buddy, loved Abha, antagonist, now lead role, tied the knot with Saniyaa

Woh Rehne Wali Mehlo Ki

Rohit Khushi’s – spouse and Pari’s best buddy.


Samaar Khannaa – Ira’s buddy and a police officer

Humse Hai Life

Coach KarAnveer – The first person who Sia contacts is that person who’s responsible for getting Sia here; the tough grand old coach, KarAnveer. In the sports scholarship exam, KarAnveer saw a spark in Sia. A visionary by nature, KarAnveer selected Sia. He has grand ideas for her though he never ever speaks about them. In fact, wo Zyada Bat hi Nahi kartejo KarnA hai wo karte hain. School ke principal bhi unse itna darte hain ki agar unhein gussa A jAye toh principal ka heart rate oopar Chalaa jAta hai. School ke students unke sAmne unse darte hainpeeth peeche mazAk udAte hain par dil mein unki izzat karte hain.