All about Leena Jumani

Leena jumani and mrunal jain

Leena jumani and mrunal jain portrayed the character portrayal of love pair in the tv show Bandini. Mrunal jain’s character in this serial is of Dharamraaj Mahavaanshi’s child. Leena jumani has portrayed the character portrayal of Santo’s sis.

Leena Jumani’s Interview

Tell us something about how Ganga Ki Dhiij began for you. The production house named me for an audition and I went and gave it. I got selected although was not told for which character portrayal. After I passed the look test did I get to know it was for the lead part! That was a big and pleasant surprise for me. I felt really happy as the character portrayal was nice and there was a huge scope for improvement. I am enjoying every moment of Ganga Ki Dhiij. You seem to be really excited about your experience in the tv show so far? I am! In one word, the experience till date was amazing. The set, the look, the emphasis on quality, everything seems to be larger compared to life – something you will see in movies. Thankfully, we are getting positive reactions. I am sharing screen along with an artist such as Kabir Bedi, what more I can ask for? It was quite a life-changing experience for me after I began this serial and shared screen along with him. His glorifying personality, baritone… am very mesmerised. I call him Kabir Sir though off screen he is really friendly and is forever ready to share his experience along with us. This, I feel, is a great quality of a great artist. His presence in the tv show has made us proud. How will you describe Pakhi’s Charaacter? Pakhi is a typical village girl. She is simple, innocent, sweet, although has courage, chirpy . She can change a lot of things using her inner courage. Thus when she becomes the victim of an evil system in the village, her inner strength and courage will help her come out of the situation and fight back. How did you prepare for this character Portrayaal? Since the tv show is based in West Bengal, my entire look is of a typical Bengali village girl. I have taken few reference points from Devdas. I watched the movie a few times to check the dialogue delivery and to see how the saris are draped. Apart from that, our creative head Prakriti Mukherjee is a Bengali so she helps me on a daily basis and ensures I portray my character as truthfully as I can. I have to speak little bit of Bengali in the tv show and she helps me along with that too. It is quite shocking to see such rituals being still prevalent in rural India where ladies have to go through these situations. Having said that let me clarify that the story is a work of fiction and the village an imaginary one and the writer has taken a lot of creative liberty.

About Leena jumani

Leena Jumani is a TV actor and model. She has gained fame for her character portrayal as Khemi in the well-known Tv serial Bandini. Leena Jumani is from Ahmedabaad, Gujaraat, India. Right now, she is enacting the character portrayal of Paridhi Pratik Sindhia in the tv show Punar vivah.

Leena jumani’s Biography

Leena jumani has acted in countless Gujaraati movies although She gained recognition for her character portrayal as Khemi in the TV series Bandini. Her character portrayal, Khemi, was a village girl who belonged to a poor household and fell in love along with Hiten , the child of the wealthy Dharamraaj Mahiyavaanshi. Apart from that, She has done a cameo in Tere Liye. Leena Jumani was starred in a lead character portrayal as Pakhi in Gangaa Ki Dhiij. The character portrayal of Pakhi was paired along with Agaantuk, played by Mohit Rainaa. The onscreen chemistry of this pair was really appreciated by viewers. More just a while back, Leena Jumani was seen enacting the character portrayal of Ira in Chhoti si zindagi.

Leena jumani in punar vivah

Leena jumani in punar vivah, is enacting the character portrayal of an Rj named Paridi. In Punar vivah, Leena jumani’s character reveals her modern looks and simple down to earth nature. In the tv show, Paridi is girlfriend of Siddharth – Gurmeet Choudhary’s younger bro.