Annie Gill – Biography, Filmography and More

Annie Gill is a tv actor, born and brought up in Punjab. She completed her schooling and did first yr in medical. She left her studies as she wished to chase her dream of becoming an actor. She was last seen in Zor Ka Jhatkaa and was then approached for Friendship Baazi. Although somehow the serial didn’t release, she got an other serial Anamika in which she plays the lead – Raano.

Annie Gill Family

Annie Gill was raised by her mom and dad in Punjab where her mom and dad stay. She is staying in Bombay all alone without her family now. Earlier , her mom and dad did not allow her to fulfill her dreams. She still remember her dad’s words “You are the one who will make it and you are the one who will break it”. She finally convinced her mom and dad and they allowed her to come to Bombay.

Anamika has a simple love triangle concept. Annie Gill was roped in for the female protogainst in the tv show. She is essaying the lead character portrayal of Raano paired opp Mudit Nayar. The story revolves around Jeet and Raano, their friendship and love. Raano is a cute innocent sensitive girl who is really attached to her people. Raano and Jeet are childhood buddies and somehow a witch comes in their life to create problems. When asked if she believes in witches, Annie says – “I’ve heard countless stories about buri nazar. As children, we have seen our elders shield us from black magic, etc. They will do a nazar utaro every time we fell ill or looked too pretty. Sometimes, science has no explanation for these phenomena.”