What you did not know about the Saif Ali Khan & Amrita Singh Divorce

In the year 1991, Saif Ali Khan got married to Amrita Singh, who is ten years older to him. They had married secretly.  After two years of marriage, Amrita quit acting to lead a family life with Saif. In 1994, a daughter was born to the couple. She was named Sara Ali Khan. Then in 2001, a son was born to them. They named him Ibrahim Ali Khan. They were leading a happy family life. What happened next is not so uncommon in many celebrity divorces according to divorce debbie.

Unfortunately, the year 2004 took a u-turn in Saif`s life. He was divorced to his wife Amrita after almost thirteen years of marriage. He also lost his two kids to his wife. The reason of this divorce is said to be because of Saif`s illicit relationship with an Italian girl. He planned to move on with his new girlfriend. However, nothing was confirmed.

It was found out that Saif was living in London, away from his family. Though Saif did not want to reveal this, he got caught through some source. He then claimed that it was not true; rather he respected Amrita immensely, inspite of divorcing her and could not stay away from his kids. He used to call up Amrita daily. She took care of their kids. At that time, Amrita used to be away from the media world. Many years after her divorce did she stay away from friends, parties and any sort of public gatherings.

In the year 2007, Saif and his wife Amrita got separated permanently. They were divorced in a ‘sombre talaq’ ceremony that took place at Lokhandwala in the home that they once shared. The event occurred in the presence of some family members and friends who were the witnesses there. The couple was neither in tears, nor had any recriminations or admonition and heartaches.  Apparently, they broke out jokes during the separation ceremony. They were talking and laughing among themselves. This was an advantage for their kids. Saif carried out with his career in Bollywood and Amrita worked with vengeance to ease the transition.

Saif said that Amrita was the most important person in his life. She was the only person about whom he was concerned about. His family was of great importance to him when the news of their separation came, the Bollywood industry was shocked. Saif was only nineteen and Amrita twenty nine when they got married. To the unexpectation of most, they had a happy married life till years.

But it was Saif who changed his mind and did hurt Amrita. Inspite of loving Amrita, he was in love with another lady. This was an Italian lady named Rosa. They met during a stage show and fell in love at first sight. Since then, he was in constant contact with Rosa through social networking and over phone. He used to delete her texts from his phone. Suddenly Amrita discovered one of the messages that he had missed out to delete from his phone. After looking into the message, Amrita gave him an ultimatum; it was either Rosa or herself. She could not tolerate another woman in her husband`s life.  Saif chose Rosa. He revealed that he wanted to carry this relationship forward.

Some of the close friends, Dimple Kapadia, designers Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla were witnesses to the secret marriage of Saif and Amrita. They tried to bring the couple together but in vain. None of them wanted to get back to each other. Amrita did not want to get back to a man with emotional blackmail. Saif too did not want to continue with Amrita by keeping on cheating her. Saif soon shifted to a rented place to stay. He even withdrew a huge amount of money from their joint bank accounts. He then left for world tour for his stage shows. His family was left with least sums of money. But, he had invested huge sums of money for his kids Sara and Ibrahim, as he loved them very much. Saif still meets his kids. He also used to go to parent teacher meetings of his kids along with his wife.

According to their lawyer, Saif wanted to go and meet with his children, who stayed with Amrita. At first, he went in the absence of their mom, Amrita, but later on they met on a friendly basis. Once, Saif`s car was taken in by the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI). The lawyer handled the case. It would have been very difficult for Saif to take care of the situation to get back to the lawyer of his wife.

It came to be known from a family source that Saif`s family was also upset with his decision of separation from Amrita. They were shocked to hear this. Amrita was a good daughter-in-law and they loved their grandchildren a lot. Both Sharmila and Pataudi hoped for everything to be normal soon.

Nothing got well. Rather, Saif at present has moved on in life. He fell in love with the Kapoor Lady, Kareen Kapoor. They acted in some of the movies together. They also received the ‘style diva couple award’.  Both of them dated for some time. They became friendly with each other. They became close enough from being just friends. Then they decided to tie the knot. Both their families liked their children`s choices. Kareena became close to Saif`s kids. They got married in 2013. Kareena became the ‘bahu’ of the ‘Nawab’ family. She married Saif wearing the ‘wedding joda’ of Sharmila Tagore, which was given to her by Sharmila.