Do you know all the shows that Jatin Shah has worked in?

TV Serials

Meri Ma: Sachin

Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki: Vikram Adityaa Mehra – Adi is Suyash Mehra’s grandson and child of Shikhar and Mayuri. He has got loads of attitude although at the same time he is a really loving and doting child and a grandson. Adi is not too fond of Pranaay although doesn’t say anything to him because of Maithili, whom he considers a really great buddy.

Kausaauti Zindagi Kay: Yuvraj Mahesh & – Nandini’s child who holds Bajaaj household responsible for her mom’s death & comes to take revenge although on realizes his mistake. He is killed in the tv show.

Nach Baliye 4: Jatin Shah – One of the participant in the dance based serial along with his partner Priya Bhatijaa in Nach Baliye 4

Kasturi: Raunaak Singhaniaa – Dushant and Nandini’s child, Robbies young days best buddy, he is simple & sweet. He understand Robbie better compared to anyone else in the world. He forever saves Kasturi whenever she is in trouble. He has a dark past that his mom is aware about.

Kahaani Humaraay Mahabharaat Ki: Sahadevaa – an other bro of the Pandaavs. It is said both him and Nakul had the ability to talk to animals. He was spouse to Draupaadi. He is responsbile for killing Shakuni on the second last day of the war. He is one of the wisest of the bros. He was a great astrologer and was blessed by Sri Krishna along with divine vision and so he knew the events of the Mahabharaat beforehand although was forbidden to speak of it. He was tied the knot with Mahadhanaa King, Jasarandha’s child.

Do Saheliya – Kismat ki Kathputaliyan: Badri – This is Omkar’s bro meaning Bhavri’s Chachaa. He eloped and tied the knot with Roop and is no longer seen in the tv show now.