Do you know all the shows that Nupur Joshi has worked in?

TV Serials

Rakhi – Ek Atoot Rishte Ki Dor: Nandini – She is Bhai Raja’s younger sis whom he likes alot. Nandini meets along with an accident and loses capacity to conceive. Nandini was in love along with Aryaan. On day of her marriage she finds out about Aryaan asking half the property of his bro to marry her, she breaks her marriage. She marries Prince.

Do Hanson Ka Joda: Summi – 22 yr old Summi is Preetis cousin sis. Such as Preeti she likes to watch movies. Unlike Preeti, she hates the bubble gum romantic films and is more into action packed movies. Summi and Preeti very get along really well and are extremely close to each other. Though she is not as emotional and sentimental as Preeti is, she is as cultured as her sis.