Do you know Mohan Bhandari has worked in these shows?

TV Serials

Virudh: Virendar Raisinghaniya Virendar – Raisinghaniya is Dhirendra’s younger bro. He has 2 children, Rudraksh and Dhairyaa. Though he is affectionate, loving, gregarious and cheerful, cheated him of his rightful share in their dad’s property, Virendar secretly nurses a bitter grudge against Dhirendra who, he believes . Virendar is biding his time and waiting for Dhirendra’s fall so he can eventually take over the business empire.

Rakt Sambaandh: Purshottam – Purshottam is a dad of Yuvraj.

Sath Phere: Narpaat Singh Narpaat – Singh is the dad of Saloni and Samaar. He love his family really and want to do something for it although he can not do as he is depended on his child Samaar and child-in-law Kaweri.