Do you know Surekha Sikri has worked in these shows?

TV Serials

Balika Vadhu: Kalyaani Devi – She is Jagdish’s Dadi and is the elder of the household. She rules the household along with an iron hand. No one dares to go against her wishes in the household. She mostly comes across as a heartless lady really selfish when it comes to her children especially the elder one. Although somewhere deep inside the rigid, cold, cruel exterior lies a heart that May be melted if tried hard enough. She is bound to traditions and overlooks the human aspect of any situation in order to uphold the pride of her family. She represents everything that is of yester-yrs in this serial. It is the mind-set of people such as Dadisaa that this serial is trying to change.

Ma Exchange: Surekha Sikri Surekha – Sikri as Sutradhaar

Sath Phere: Bhabo – Bhabo is Brijesh / Nahar’s nanny.