Himmanshoo A Malhotra’s Television Shows

TV Serials

Bhagonwaali – Bante Apni Taqdeer: Guddu Shukla – A young man of 25-26 yrs, Guddu Shukla is the local goon who runs a carom club and Cd library in the area. Confident and temperamental, the real person behind the tough exterior that Guddu sports is not known to countless. Guddu is witty and is forever equipped along with smart one-liners for all occasions. He is happy-go-lucky and stays for the day. His marriage to Runjhun changes his complete outlook towards life and Guddu becomes a changed man.

7: Haryaaksh The one who can create and throw fire Wise, man of few words, critical, and the oldest of the 7, Haryaaksh is gifted along with the power of creating and casting fire anywhere. Though adept and alert, he is unpredictable, and his animosity is evident at times. He is not the one to socialize, discuss, derive a consensus or wait for any unanimous decision. He is the concluder of any fight or battle.

Love Marriage ya Arranged Marriage: Anoop – Anup is a loner and an introvert, he doesn”t open easily along with anyone except along with Netra, his cousin sis. He was sent by his mom to her maternal uncle where he got educated and finally managed to become a pilot as he likes flying, above the crowded world of his joint household where he got unfair treatment by his Badee Ma Raj Laxmi who forever denied him the same advantage that she gave to her own children Bhushan, Sahil and Netra. All as his own dad Gautaam was a loser and a failure. He will have left the joint and lived away along with his mom if he could, although Manjulaa did not want to break the joint household. His relationship along with Mansi is uncomfortable and awkward as he had lived his life alone and even while doing work, he rarely came home and stayed in hotels more. He was an outsider to his joint household.