Kalyani Trivedi Soap Details

TV Serials

Sajaan Ghar Jana Hain: Taiji – A really finicky lady about Jat-pat, Jootha-saf, riti Riwaz. She believes a lot in cast and creed. She sprinkes Gangaa jal on everything every morning and does not allow her things to be touched by someone of an other caste without sprinkling the holy water on it. Even if the shadow of a little caste person falls on her she immediately takes a bath. In the house she is on great terms along with all. She thinks Uma is really innocent and people around can fool her easily and so she keeps so she keep on instructing Uma for every little thing. She has all the keys of house, store room etc. She takes care of the ghar khar. She keeps a count n check on everything and even if one thing goes missing from the house she creates havoc. She is of the thinking that a man runs the house and should be taken care of. Well. In her dialect she uses words such as kaichi ki terah Kataar Kataar juban Chalaati hai’aise phur-phur kar Bhagi. . Toote ke jaise Tarr-taarr kya kar rahin hai’ishe goes to the temple at every given opportunity and fom there gets the news of the entire village. For her ladies should be confined to the house duties and listen to every thing the spouse says. She is a strict mom in-law to Prema. She desperately wants a grandson and leaves no opportunity to remind prema about this and taunts Prema about her Mayka as well.