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Balwaant and Vikram Aditya reach the train station, where Simran and Sumit are standing. Due to a misunderstanding Vikram Aditya accidentally shoots Simran. In a fit of rage Balwaant’s child Kuldeep shoots Sumit. Kuldeep goes to jail and the families become sworn enemies. The village where they live gets divided into 2 parts and separated by a border that no one can cross. One either belongs to Kishangaadh or Shantigaadh.

Tujh Sang Preet Lagai Sajna was a tv serial broadcast channel. The series premiered on Nov 3, ’08, replacing the long-running Indian tv serial Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii that was created by Ekta Kapoor of Balaaji.

2 months , Vrinda gets pregnant for a second time. When Vrinda is coming back from the clinic after getting her medicine, she nearly gets hit by a truck and is saved by Yug. Rajbeer comes at that moment and he sees Vrinda in Yug’s arms. He thinks that Vrinda has still been meeting Yug and that this kid too belongs to Yug and not him. He kicks Vrinda out of the house.

After a series of drama and misunderstandings, on the day of Yug and Vrinda’s wedding, Rajbeer finally finds out the truth about what Bharti did, and how Vrinda was never ever unfaithful to him. He goes to the temple where Yug and Vrinda are getting tied the knot with and begs for Vrinda’s forgiveness and asks her to come back to him. Vrinda has forgiven Rajbeer and wants to go back to him, although she doesn’t say anything as she doesn’t want to betray Yug. Rajbeer takes Vrinda’s silence as her way of rejecting him and he is about to leave when Yug stops him. Yug says that although Vrinda won’t say anything to him, he likes her so much that he can even read her silence and he can forever tell what she is thinking and what she wants. He puts Vrinda’s hand in Rajbeer’s, symbolizing that they will forever be together. Rajbeer welcomes Vrinda back into his house , and apologises to Yug. Yug and Rajbeer become best buddies again and they join their companies and start doing business together. Yug becomes the huge business tycoon that he would be again and life seems perfect. The sacred veil of the goddess in the temple flows over Yug and the girl as they stare in to each other’s eyes. They snap out of their eye lock and stand up straight. The girl introduces herself as Radhaa and Yug, mesemerised by her beauty offers to drop her home. Radhaa accepts Yug’s offer and gets in to his car. While getting in to the car, Radhaa almost falls and Yug catches her. The tv show ends along with Radhaa in Yug’s arms, indicating that this is the start of a new lovestory.

Sumit’s child Yug is sent to London to study and stay away from the enmity in the village. Kuldeep’s child Vrinda is considered unlucky in the household by everyone except Balwaant, as her dad went to jail and her aunt died the day she was born.

On the day of his proposed marriage to Simran, Sumit runs away to get Bindiya and tells Vikram Adityaa everything. Simran follows Sumit to tell him that she respects his decision and she doesn’t want to marry him if he is already tied the knot with. Simran is heartbroken as she has loved Sumit since her young days although she swallows her pain in order to make him happy.

Circumstances led to Yug and Vrinda– 2 people whose families are sworn enemies– to fall in love. After many unpleasant encounters, they fall deeply in love. Yug and Vrinda can’t live without one an other, and they plan to get tied the knot with. That is when they find out about their families hating each other. They decide to get rid of the enmity by reminding Balwaant and Vikram Aditya how they would be such great buddies. When that doesn’t work, Yug comes to live at Vrinda’s house pretending to be the best buddy of Vrinda’s cousin Teji. Nobody in the household, except for Vrinda and Teji, knows who Yug very is. He wins everyone’s hearts and the household decides to get Yug and Vrinda tied the knot with. That’s when Balwaant finds out who Yug very is. Yug and Vrinda run away. Although they do not marry each other and come back within a day. They tell their families that they could have tied the knot with if they wanted, and no one will have been able to do anything. They didn’t as they truly love each other and want their marriage to happen along with everyone’s blessings. Balwaant and Vikram Aditya are untouched and they drag Yug and Vrinda home. A few time before leaving Yug says to Balwaant, Vrinda meri Amanaat hai, jisse mein Apke Pas chodke ja raha hoon. Par mein usse lene jaldi Aongaa.

Vrinda gets pregnant and Bharti convinces Rajbeer that the kid belongs to Yug, by showing him a few pictures that serial Vrinda and Yug embracing. . The baby is a month old when someone kidnaps him for ransom and he gets killed. Vrinda is devastated and Rajbeer is furious. He thinks Yug is the cause of everything. He thinks Yug and Vrinda are having an affair. Rajbeer declares enmity along with Yug and says that if Vrinda keeps any relation along with Yug, he will consider her dead. Vrinda, who likes Rajbeer a lot, agrees to not keep any relation along with Yug.

As the credits roll, Rajbeer and Vrinda are shown playing along with 2 more kids. Yug and Radhaa are shown getting tied the knot with and cradling their newborn child in their arms. So basically everyone stays happily ever after.

Balwaant and Vikram Adityaa would be best buddies despite the fact that the latter was a land owner and the former was a farmer.

In these 6 months Vrinda and Rajbeer fall in love. Although they don’t admit it to each other as Rajbeer thinks Vrinda still likes Yug. She thinks that Rajbeer thinks of her as a buddy. On the day that his grandmother dies, Rajbeer gives Vrinda to Yug. Although Yug tells them both that they belong together, as he would see Vrinda’s eyes filled along with love for him although that love is now for Rajbeer and he doesn’t want to get in the way of their happiness. Vrinda thanks Yug and leaves along with Rajbeer. Seeing that they tore their children apart, Balwaant and Vikram Adityaa end their enmity and become best buddies again. Yug still likes Vrinda deeply although marries Bharti byn his grandfather’s wishes. Yug tells Bharti that they will stay buddies as he will forever love Vrinda. Yug had told Bharti all this a few time before marriage although she wished to marry him anyway as she loved him a lot.

Rajbeer is now a huge business man such as Yug would be. Yug is nearly on the street as he refuses to do any business. Yug holds himself responsible for ruining Vrinds’s life and wants to die as soon as possible. Rajbeer wants to ruin Yug financially and it seems to be doing work until Virnda comes back into their stays along with her 8-yr-old child, named Tulsi. Vrinda tells Yug that he had nothing to do along with ruining her life, in fact he was the one who stood by her. Relieved from his guilt, Yug goes back into business and gets back on top.

This makes Balwaant and Vikram Aditya furious. They meet and make a plan to get Vrinda tied the knot with someone else in an other village. Although they tell Vrinda that she is getting tied the knot with Yug. Meanwhile Vikram Aditya sends Yug out on a business trip to London. Vrinda marries Rajbeer, who doesn’t know about this plan. Yug finds out what happened and doesn’t know what to do.

Yug tries to explain things to Rajbeer although that doesn’t work so he goes to Vrinda to apologise. Although Vrinda screams at Yug saying that every time Yug comes into her life, something goes wrong and if he wants to see Vrinda happy he should never ever serial his face to her again.

Rajbeer finds Vrinda and makes a deal along with her. If she supports him along with a court case he will let her live along with him as his spouse. Vrinda agrees. Initially Rajbeer hates Vrinda and tries to do everything that he could to make her life miserable although he starts to soften up slowly. Tulsi, along with the help of her Yug uncle brings her mom and dad close together. Although Rajbeer finds out about this and he yells at Tulsi saying that Yug is her dad not him. Tulsi is hurt although Yug explains to her that her dad is angry and they have to pacify him. Although Tulisi starts crying and asks why Rajbeer doesn’t accept her as his child and why did he tell her that Yug was her dad. Vrinda hears this whole conversation, and she is heartbroken that Rajbeer hurt her child. She decides she can’t live along with someone who hates her child so much so she decides to leave Rajbeer’s house and she moves in to an inidan colony.

Yug goes home, heartbroken, and he hears Bharti talking on the phone. He finds out how she was the one who showed Rajbeer the pics and ruined Vrinda’s life and Yug gets furious. He confronts Bharti and screams at her saying there is so much difference between her and Vrinda, as Vrinda thinks about everyone else and Bharti thinks about herself. Bharti screams at Yug saying that she did everything as she loved him. She wanted Yug to notice her although all he thought about was Vrinda. They divorce each other and Bharti goes away from everyone’s life. The tv show takes an 8 yr’s leap.

At first it is shown that Bharti is a very sweet and pretty girl who likes Yug deeply even though she knows about him and Vrinda. It is revealed that Bharti is extremely jealous of Vrinda. Bharti is plotting to ruin Vrinda’s life.

Their friendship was an example for everyone and they were inseparable until one horrible day. Balwant’s child Simran was supposed to marry Vikaraam Aditya’s child Sumit. Although it turned out that Sumit was already tied the knot with. Sumit hadn’t told anyone.

On the first night of marriage, Vrinda tells Rajbeer everything about her and Yug’s love and their household’s betrayal. She tells him that she thought she was marrying Yug and she cannot live along with anyone else. Rajbeer tells Vrinda that his grandmother is really ill and will live about 6 months more. If Vrinda leaves Rajbeer, his grandmother will die right away. Vrinda agrees to stay in the house as Rajbeer’s spouse until his grandmother dies. Rajbeer promises that after 6 months, he will hand her over to Yug.

At first Vrinda is happy living in the colony, although a few of the gossipy ladies of the colony start taunting Vrinda. They say that she has a child although no spouse and that Tulsi is probably an illegitimate kid, and that’s why her dad doesn’t come to see her. Vrinda is hurt by these comments and Tulsi is visibly disturbed by them. Vrinda decides that she will re-marry so that no one will taunt Tulsi again. Vrinda asks Yug to marry her! Yug, still in love along with Vrinda, says yes. Rajbeer finds out about the marriage and although he is insanely jealous he acts as if he doesn’t care.