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Parichaay Nayee Zindagi Kay Sapno Ka: Abhaay Diwan Sulekha”s child & Siddhi”s buddy

Baden Ache Lagte Hai: Siddhanth Kapoor – Eldest step bro of Ram. A young enterprising guy along with an attitude that he rules the world and can get whatever he wants along with the power of his money. Although efficient in his own way although Siddhanth is forever overshadowed by his eldest bro. He was born along with a silver spoon in his mouth so doesnt know much about the hardship that one has to go through in establishing an empire as big as theirs. Idolizes his eldest bro and will go to any extent to prove to his metal as a businessmen to him and everyone else.

Pyar Ka Bandhaan: Milind

Pavitraa Rishta: Jaywaant Rane

Kesariya Balan Avo Hamaare Des: Deep