Manasi Parekh’s Television Shows

TV Serials

Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai: Tanyaa – One of Angaads lover who he helps

Kuch Toh Log Kahenge: Mandiraa Nidhi – Nri cousin

Laughter Ke Phatke: Mansi Parekh Mansi Parekh

Star Ya Rockstar: Contender

Remote Control: Bubbly – She is Babul and Baari’s child, 18 yrs old, and in the second yr of university. She has the looks of her mom and the wisdom of her dad, hence, is not a quick decision maker and more likely to get confused whenever there is a problem. She is a hyper girl any little problem, and she loses her appetite, remaining restless till the problem is solved, even nagging big bro in the process.

India Calling: Chandni – Simple girl from Jalandaar who believes that its cool to be Indian

4: Taraanpreet – T. P. , as she is fondly named, is the girl in the gang, has failed 3 times in her exams. Her mom and dad own a Dhaba and want her too to work at the Dhaba. Tp wants otherwise. Out of all of them from the group shes the one without a purpose in life and is happy to continue her life meaninglessly, and is not embarrassed to hide the fact.

Gulal: Gulal – Gulal is a bright 24-yr-old residing in Rashipur, along with a special gift of sensing water beneath the sand in an arid desert. Unfazed by the protests from the people of Rashipur and leaving behind her family and buddies, Gulal sets out to help the residents of Talsagraa find water.