Rupali Ganguly’s TV Serials

TV Serials

Meethi Choori No. 1: Rupali Ganguly – As a contender

Ek Packet Umeed: Sujataa – She is the 25 yr old vivacious child of Ambikaa Dharamraaj. She is a typical youngster happy along with life in general and has quite a stubborn streak in her. She is loved by one and all at Umeed Bhavaan

Sarabhaai Vs Sarabhaai: Monisha – The adorable child-in-law, along with values, completely the opp of her socialite mom in law- Maya Sarabhaai Sarabhaai Vs. Sarabhaai

Adalaat: Rohini Mallick

Parvaarish – Kuch Khattee Kuch Meethi: Pinky Ahuja An – Understanding and friendly mom to her kids, she is the second child and has forever been the softer, sensitive, sensible of the Khanna household. Khanna Sab has had great respect and expectations for her. And Pinky too has forever lived along with this purpose to make her dad happy and proud of her. She strives to win brownie points not from her dad although her spouse Jeet and now her children. Jeet and Pinky have a deal about 2 things; not fighting in front of the kids and not raising your hand on the kids. Being buddies, has made her win the trust of her kids and they are comfortable telling her what happens in their stays. She tied the knot with Jeet Ahuja and has 3 kids ‘ Ravi, Rashi & Sunny.

Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki: Gayaatri Gill – The biological daugter or Parvaati and Om Agarwaal, was switched at birth, was ‘tied the knot with’ to sameer, although was found it was shruti at the Mandaap as she had to deal along with a few important household matter. Has one child named ‘chotu’ who she had given to shruti and sameer although aducted and given to Mayuri, when she came back to claim chotu, she was accidently killed.

Kahaani Chandrakaant Ki: Roopmati

Khatron Ke Khiladi: Rupali Ganguly contender

Ap Ki Antaraa: Anuradha – Anuradha is Antara’s mom, she died in a car accident

Kahaani Chandrakaant Ki: Roopmati