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Shekhar Suman (born June 14, 1960, Patna Bihar) is an Indian actor and television personality. He started his career as a television actor in a serial Wah Janab. He moved on to films but did not enjoy much success as an actor. He film debut was in Shashi Kapoor’s Utsav. Although his performance was appreciated by the critics, the movie was a commercial failure.Shekhar has acted in almost 30 films. He was out of the Indian entertainment scenario for quite a while. During this period he was almost entirely supported by his wife, Alka (Kapoor), whom he married on May 4, 1984 after a two year courtship. They have a son, Adhyayan. The couple lost their eldest son, Aayush, in whose memory Shekhar is constructing a hospital in Patna.He returned to TV in 1993 in Dekh Bhai Dekh, as Sameer, and also affectionately called “Chachu” (Hindi translation

Dad’s younger bro) by the kids. A really successful comedy serial, Dekh Bhai Dekh was broadcasted on Doordarshaan Tv channel in the early 1990s. Almost simultaneously, he starred in an other Tv serial Reporter. He was quite successful as a Tv artist and host since, hosting a few quiz serials. Right now, he hosts hard hitting satirical Tv Talk serials on entertainment and news channels, his particular brand of humor being a heady cocktail of obnoxiousness, , irreverence and simple everyday observations. He has earned quite a great name because of his serials and witty humor on politics, corruption, well-known people etc. His talk serials were Movers and Shakers on the Sony Entertainment Network and Simply Shekar serials. They were primarily modeled on and adapted from The Tonight serial along with Jay Leno. He until Feb ’06 hosted The Great Indian Comedy serial on Star One for sometime plus doing a few episodes for Dial One aur Jeeto on Saharaa Tv. In the past he did a few quiz serials such as Bid Bid Boom serials and He-Man on Star One. He hosts a serial on Star News, Poll Khol in which he speculates humorously over the current political scenario in India. Apart from this, he is one of the judges of The Great Indian Laughter Challenge with Navjot Singh Sidhu, a former cricketer. This programme, a stand-up comedy contest is the first of its kind on TV. Just a while back, he had made his Career-staart in singing, along with a music album named ‘Kuch Khwab Aise’, through that he wishes to prove that he is un-doubtly a Multi-talented artist. His new album is a melodious collection of 8 love ballads whose music was composed by Adesh Srivastavaa and lyrics written by Shyam Raj. It features the Braziliaan and Kingfisher model – Bruna. The entire choreography, designing and direction of the video was done by Rajiv Goswami and the music is on T-Series. As of ’06, he has publicly admitted to going through a mid-life crisis.