Soni Singh Soap Details

TV Serials

Banu Main Teri Dukhan: Surili – Surili would date Sagaar a few time before his tragic accident. She was living in the household by pretending to be the mom of Sameer, a kid she supposedly had along with Sagaar. She joined hands along with Sindoora to make Vidya’s life more miserable. Due to the work of Tusshar Surili was thrown out of the house and Sameer was proven not to be Sagaar’s child.

Bindas: Shakira – Shakira is the repressed rage of Sakshi’s anger and frustration. The attack of her past vibrates a new personality outside her that is totally opp to her. Bold, fearless, brave, violent are the ordinary words to describe the female power, vigilant . She is seized along with combat weapons from that she cut down the evils of the society. Although the evil is won’t remain quite for long that Shakira has to deal along with by taking the disguise of Sakshi.

Ghar Ki Lakshmi Betiya: Jhumki Rani Jhumki – Rani is Meneka’s actual child, raised by Rasik, has same birthday as Yuvraj and Lakshmi. Suryakaant and Kshitij find out she is a nautch girl. Rasik sold her to a brothel

Ek Veer Stree ki Kahaani Jhansi Ki Rani: Vishkanyaa

Lagi Tujhse Lagan: Madhu

Teen Bahuraniyaa: Kajaal – Kajaal ismeenaben’s child, Payal’s older sis, Mahesh’s ex-fiance, ruining her sis life, dead, antagonist .

4: Sue

Yeh Ishq Haye: Mallikaa

Aise Karo Na Vida: Jyothika

Bindas: Sakshi – Sakshi is a shy demur and a simple girl from Dehradun who comes to Bombay for higher studies. She is a Mass-mediaa student and is interested to become a reporter although Sakshi finds herself in countless troubles and mis happenings in the City of Dream. That takes her back in her tragic past that she is quite afraid of and it vibrates an attack within over her and brings something out that Sakshi is totally unaware of.