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Soumya Seth Biography

Soumya seth was Born on 17 Oct 1989 a new face on TV, Soumya made her Career-staart along with the tv show Navya. Soumya seth as Navya and Shaheer Sheikh as Anaant are getting really well-known by each passing day. Soumya seth’s household consists of her mom, dad, bro and sis. Her native is Banaraas and she is presntly living at Bombay. Soumya seth’s remaining household members stays at Amritsaar, Punjab. Apart from that Dancing, In sunny days likes to sit at home, Getting up early in the morning and hugging mom are hobbies of Soumya. Soumya Seth is the cousin of Ragini Khannaa.

Soumya Seth as Navya in Navya Serial

Soumya Seth as Navya in Navya is playing a lead character portrayal. Soumya Seth in Navya belonges to a middle-class household in Bombay. Navya is born and brought up in a nuclear household along with her banker dad, housewife mom, a younger bro and a grandmother. Navya has a tied the knot with elder sis. Navya is quite traditional in her ways and lifestyle. Navya maintains a distance from boys and finds great comfort in her young days buddies Ritz and Appy. This allows her mom and dad to trust her implicitly, unlike her Dadi who keeps questioning her personal principles and behaviors. Innocent and sweet, she dreams wistfully of a Fairytaale romance, especially when Ritz falls in love. , love comes to her in the unexpected way as she meets Anaant. From the moment she sees him, Navya feels a strange pull towards him. And every incident seems to draw them together, and finally they fall in love.

Soumya Seth Latest News

Soumya Seth who made her Career-staart as lead on small screen along with Star Plus’s well-known serial Navyaa and now she is coming up along with her next serial Dil Ki Nazaar se Khubsoorat on Sony entertainment channel. Dil Ki Nazaar se Khubsoorat is a love triangle story really unique from other stories of the TV. Soumya Seth will be seen in lead alongwith the 2 male leads. Soumya Seth will be seen extremely gorgeous in her upcoming serial and this time she will be seen in casuals too.

Soumya Seth’s Interview

Your serial ‘Navya’ seems to have caught the imagination of the viewers. What could be the reason? Firstly, it’s a clean household serial albeit in the late night 10 pm slot. And it highlights the present cultural clash of values between the older traditional and the present modern generation. It’s been excellently scripted and directed by Ravi Sir. , the title song ‘Bekaboo’ sung by Shilpa Rao and composed by Vishal-shekhaar and written by Anvitaa Dutt Guptan is catching up along with the viewers. What is the graph of the tv show? Star Plus brings to you the story of youngsters from 2 really ordinary families from Up who are settled in Bombay. The tv show presents a Relataable picture of the young generation of today, who constantly struggle to keep pace along with a modern world while trying to stay deeply rooted in Indian values. Bringing to viewers a fresh, contemporary and engaging story line, Star Plus presents a sensitive, modern narrative Navyaa – Nayi Dhadkaan, Naye Sawal . What is your character ‘Navya’ such as? Navyaa symbolises the new young generation of India. She is an extremely identifiable girl-next-door- a 19-yr-old collegian without any special talent or vision and confused such as a lot of young India is, yet, somewhere naturally balancing modernity and Traditionaalism in her Day-to-daay life without even consciously thinking about it. Such as youngsters today, Navyaa has middle-class mom and dad, who constantly struggle between being mom and dad and buddies to their children. Navyaa has to follow rules at home – she cannot sleep over at her buddies’ place, she cannot return home after 7 p. M. , she cannot be seen talking to boys and she cannot wear jeans. Her buddies enjoy better freedom at home – one of them has a boyfriend and Navyaa secretly wishes for one who will do mushy things for her, yet she is happy in her own world. As luck will have it, Navyaa falls in love along with Anaant, a boy hailing from a traditional and conservative household. Over time, the story beautifully captures Navyaa and Anaant’s journey of love and their trials and tribulations in trying to stay uniquely Indian and yet moving ahead along with the times. How has your first brush along with fame been? Oh! I never ever expected so much recognition after a few episodes were telecast. It’s mind-blowing when people stop you on the streets and talk to you such as old buddies and ask for autographs. I couldn’t have asked for more from my first serial. Have you had any prior acting experience? Not very. I hail from a family of artists along with my mom Veena Seth being a prominent theater artist. Facing the Tv camera was difficult, although my seniors on the sets such as Girish Sachdev who plays my dad and Kshiti Jog a experienced stage and movie and Tv artiste help me out. The production house, Swastik Productions along with Siddharth Tiwary and Vikas Sheth and Vivek Behl at Star Plus very make me feel comfortable and ease my work. My co-star Shaheer Sheikh is a huge help. What are your future ambitions? Basically I want to make my mom and dad happy. I don’t follow anyone and want to create my own identity.

About Soumya Seth

Soumya Seth popularly known as Soumya, now as Navya, was born on 17 Oct 1989 in Guwahaati. Soumya Seth, a newcomer is playing lead character portrayal in the title Swastik Pictures Navya. Soumya became well-known after her performance in the title character portrayal of Navya. Soumya Seth casually gave the audition for the tv show and got selected for the lead character portrayal. And Soumya’s career took off. Soumya Seth is enacting the character portrayal of a 19 yr old really sweet and innocent university girl, named as Navya. Soumya seth belongs to really traditional household. She is not such as today’s youngsters, and is living a really simple life. Navya forever maintains a distance from boys and enjoys along with her young days buddies Appy and Ritz. Soumya Seth bagged the Taza female in big TV awards and nominated for Best new actor in New talent awards.

Soumya Seth Favourites

Favorite Cuisine: Chinese Favorite Place: Banaraas Soumya’s favourite singer: Kailaash kher and her favourite song is Yeh Dooriyan from Love Aj Kal Soumya Seth’s favourite artists: Hrithik Roshan and Kajol. Soumya is a Chocoholic: She says that if possible she’ll survive eating chocolates

Soumya seth in “The Serial” on channel v

Soumya seth essaying a lead character portrayal in it. The tv show serial you how your favourite Tv Star “Soumya Seth” is in real life? she is best buddy of Karaan kundra in this serial. The tv show serial story revolves around the life of people, how people deal along with their life and relationship. The tv show starting from the 26th Nov ’12, on channel V.

Soumya Seth and Karan Chabra

Soumya Seth and Karaan Chabraa together are seen in channel v’s well-known serial “the tv show”. Karaan Chabbraa will be joining the tv show and he will be seen opp to Somya seth. Soumya seth and Karaan Kundra are showcasing their friendship over the tv show and they are great buddies.

Soumya Seth Interesting Facts

On screen she comes across as a cute and simple girl in her daily serial. Although off screen she is talkative and energetic. Telly new comer Soumya Seth is a bundle of energy and can talk about everything under the sun. For someone who had never ever done Tv a few time before, getting a lead character portrayal in a prime time serial must have been quite a coup of sorts? Soumya says, “You know every artist probably says this, although I never ever planned to take up acting as a profession. I am a happy-go-lucky kind of person who likes being along with family, buddies and wants to enjoy every moment of my life. A day after my birthday last Oct, I met a buddy a co-ordinator along with a production house and he suggested that I audition for this serial. I’m really lucky to have landed the character portrayal of Navyaa without having to struggle. ”