Sunali Rathod Biography and Profile

She began to perform at the age of 10 under the guidance of Gujurati music composer Shri Purshottam Upadhyaay. In this stage she was introduced to Pandit Hridayanaath Mangeshkaar, who became her mentor. She learnt the intricacies of Indian classical music Classical music under Ustad Faiyyaaz, Niyaz Ahmed Khan, Ustad Mashkoor and Mubaraak Ali Khan of Kiranaa School of Music. She sings in languages such as Hindi language, Gujaraati, Maharashtriaan, English, Bengali, Telugu etc . .

Sunali Rathod and Roop Kumar Rathod participated in Mission Ustad, a musical reality tv show, that crowned them as the Ustad Jodi. They gave a guest appearance in a Comedy Tv serial named Sarabhaai vs Sarabhaai.

Sunali Rathod was announced as the Best Ghazaal singer award in 1986 for her Career-staart album Aghaz. Check latest news for Sunali Rathod.

Sunali Rathod was born on 17 Jan in, Bombay, MAH, India. She learnt in St. Xavier’s university, Bombay. She was first tied the knot with singer Anup Jalotaa, although divorced him and remarried to Roop Kumar Rathod, a playback singer, music director and a music composer. They have a child named Reewa.

On 15 Aug ’05 Sunali Rathod and Roop Kumar Rathod gave a guest appearances in sitcom set named Sarabhaai vs Sarabhaai one of the best Indian comedy serial that was broadcasted on channel Star One in India. She with her spouse Roop Kumar Rathod participated in Mission Ustad, a musical reality tv show and were crowned along with the Ustad Jodi title that was held on Feb 23, ’08. Sunali Rathod performed in a unique webcert named She is a Winner celebrating ladies’s day in ’11 with artists such as Hema Sardesaai, Kuhoo Gupta, Sunita Rao, Shibani Kashyaap and countless more.

Sunali Rathod is a playback singer. She is a trained classical singer.

She just a while back released a sufi album with Roop Kumar Rathod named Kalma.

At the age of 18, she released her first Ep record of Gujaraati song along with Hmv. In 1987, she released her first Ghazaal album, Aghaz. She bagged the Best Ghazaal singer award in 1987 by Emirates Intl in Dubai. She has sung types of music like Ghazaal, Bhajaan, Kheyal, Tappaa and Light music.