Suruchi Verma Soap Details

TV Serials

Bhagonwaali – Bante Apni Taqdeer: Kalsonwaali – The youngest bahu of the Pandey household, Sangitaa is famous by the name of the village she comes from and is referred to as Kalsanwaali. She comes from a family of strong political connections and threatens the others using her parental influence. Brought up along with people who take to arms and violence at the slightest resort, Kalsanwaali too has adopted aggressive behavior. Her spouse Vishnu is equally aggressive and believes in keeping her under control and showing her that he is the ‘boss’ around. , Kalsanwaali fights back tooth and nail and does not let her spouse dominate over her. She vents out her fury over her miserable tied the knot with life on Runjhun and assaults her.