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Tall, fair and striking in her demeanour, Rukhsar was first seen in Deepak Anand’s Yad Rakhegi Duniya 13 yrs ago along with Adityaa Pancholi as her co-star. The movie flopped and virtually finished off Rukhsar’s career. That was until ’05 when she walked into Varma’s office and was immediately signed for 2 prestigious movies. Varma’s earlier inspirations include the fabulous Urmila Matondkaar, not to mention other female head-turners Antaraa Mali, Isha Koppiker and Sameeraa Reddy. Yes, admits Varma. Rukhsar is doing 2 movies ‘D’ and ‘Sarkaar’ for me. When she came to meet me I wasn’t aware of her past. I’ve cast her in ‘Sarkaar’ opp Kk Menon. Vishram Sawaant, my director for ‘D’, came to my sets and cast her in that movie too. I knew nothing about her. I hadn’t seen her. . . Ever. So I very didn’t know her history. . . I haven’t seen ‘Yad Rakhegi Duniya’. Now anyone who sees portions of ‘Sarkaar’ or ‘D’ seems to know her from the past. The song Dokha for D filmed on Rajpaal Yadaav and Rukhsar has made Ramu’s new discovery a much Talked-aabout entity. She has a really strong screen presence. Generally really pretty ladies don’t come across well on screen. Rukhsar is an exception. She was perfect for the part of Kk’s spouse and Bachchan’s bahu. She’ll make audiences sit up and notice her, he said. Varma seems quite excited about Rukhsar. I hardly see any competition for her. She’s in a unique Age-braacket. She’ll be able to carry off a slightly more mature part compared to the teenybopper character portrayals.

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Dr. Mallikaa Dr. Mallikaa, – 33, the other senior surgeon at Dr. Kotnis General Hospital, was Ashutoshs junior in the medical university and was secretly in love along with him since. Although a few incidents in Ashutoshs life had hardened him so much that he had built an impregnable fort around himself through that he wont allow anyone. They had made him distrust all relationships and commitment. Even the man who has picked him up as an orphan and had raised him and was around a dad to him, had ultimately let him down. And there was this girl who gifted him a bunch of scars that will never ever heal. His relationship along with and commitment to was along with his job as a surgeon and the feeling and concern he had were for his patients. There was no place for Dr. Mallikaa or any other lady in his life. This had turned Mallikaa, a brilliant surgeon otherwise, into a frustrated, lonely lady who claimed to be Ashutoshs buddy although knew really well that she cannot have him, bitter .