TV soaps that Deven Bhojwani has worked in

TV Serials

Baa Bahu Aur Baby – Season 2: Gopal Gattu Thakkaar – He is the sixth kid. He is mentally retarded, and has no job as he failed primary school. Plays along with the kids. His innocent nature, combined along with his continuous desire to eat, make him one of the public’s favourite characters.

Sarabhaai Vs Sarabhaai: Dushyant – child in law of the Sarabhaais

Mrs. Tendulkar: Mr. Suhas Tendulkar Suhas – Tendulkar is a true charmer. He is such as young Faroukh Sheikh, an ideal child in law for all the moms. His smile wins people. Suhas’s approach to life, is really positive. He is spouse of Vibhavaari. Doing work as anonymous writer; when they shift to the colony everyone starts thinking that he is branch manager. When they come to know that he is a house spouse, they are stunned along with the situation and are clueless about how to handle it.

Remote Control: Babulnaath – He is the head of the household. His mom and dad called him Gotu, justifying his shape, buddies called him Babul, and spouse calls him O! or Suniye Na! Babul tied the knot with Barmasi for the past 21 yrs. A lovely, simple couple thats been trying to make ends meet throughout their stays. Babul has managed to keep his family noncorrupt. Babul is an accountant in a little private firm on a Rs 7, 600 salary. He works religiously for 10 hours a day in office, and has never ever taken his family out to a restaurant for a meal, saying outside food causes ill health. Although its obvious he wants to save every penny he can.