TV soaps that Meenal Patel has worked in

TV Serials

Baseraa: Devkiben – Devkiben{Kritika’s mom} She is clever, cunning, and extravagant, has her eye on Keshubhais wealth. She has taught Kritika to use her beauty and sensuous appeal to her advantage. Keshu does not such as her although he cannot stop her from inviting herself to stay in her children Sasural and manipulating her child in her own way. She gives Kritika lessons in enacting the game of chess in her life.

Jasuben Jayantilaal Joshi Ki joint household: Pankor – She is Jayantilals 65 yr old sis-in-law. She is extremely insecure about her position in the household since her spouse left the house countless yrs ago, mysteriously. She is constantly trying to find her spouse and releases regular ads in newspapers. His absence makes her really insecure, although one hug from Jasuben, and she feels immediately comforted!

Mukti Bandhaan: Ratanba – Ratanba is the mom of I. M. Virani. She likes her spouse and feels lucky to have such a warm household. She is a typical Gujrati and has ideology of successful man isnt a rich man, although a man who sticks to his roots, his principals. Even at this age, they both share a really romantic relationship.