TV soaps that Mihir Mishra has worked in

TV Serials

Sath Phere: Varun – Varun is Nahar’s buddy who falls in love along with Saloni, Antaagonist)

Kumkum-Ek Pyaraa Sa Bandhaan: Dr. Vikram – He plays Dr. Vikram, Ashka’s spouse. Vikram was treating Sumit’s brain cancer. Ashka had been raped and was pregnant. When Sumit found out about this he was not willin to get his operation done as he didnt want to risk his life at the point of time. He wished to get Ashka tied the knot with a few time before loosing his life so Ashka tied the knot with Dr. Vikram, to save Sumit’s life. The marriage is still on and the household still doesnt know that it was a fake marriage.

Chhoti Si Zindagi: Revathi’s spouse

Sanjivaani: Dr. Rahul – Juhi’s love

Dil Se Diya Vachaan: Prathaam

Jamegi Jodi. Com: Angaad – Angaad is a businessman as simple as he was successful. Hes come to India in search of the perfect bride. He sets up a matchmaking website in the hope that his attempts to help other people come together will help him find that perfect match for himself.