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Acting is in Ulka’s blood as her dad is a theater artist. If Jhansi Ki Rani won’t have happened, Ulka thinks ‘Meera’ will have did a great Launchpaad for her. In her free time Ulka likes listen music and reading books. She likes to eat Non-vegetariaan foods such as chicken, prawns and aloo brinjal made by her mom. She likes to play cricket and horse riding.

After Jhansi Ki Rani, she is getting enormous offers although she liked character portrayal of Phulwa right now on air, where she felt this is the character portrayal after Laxmi bai where I can use my intensity to portray the young Phoolan Devi, she was willing to compromise her study for this character portrayal, though she is in 9th std . Ironically Colors decided that Phulwa should be much younger. Ulka is now fully committed to her studies and enjoying Sports in her school, She is looking for strong character portrayal as Jhansi Ki Rani. Visiting across the nation by event groups, cutting ribbons, meeting schools kids, Bihar, New Delhi , Uttar Pradesh, getting felicitation by people of Madhyaa Pradesh, Rajasthaan and Haryanaa. South zone is admiring her because of her character portrayal as Jhansi Ki Rani. The tv show is on air in Tamil and Telgu version, Ulka is amused its great Ek Sal kam karo, Doosre Sal Sare award batoro, Phir teesrey Sal Kam, she laughs . . .

Ulka Gupta is a TV actor. She is popularly known as Manu as she portrayed the character portrayal of Manu in the Zee Tv tv serial Jhansi Ki Rani until leap and Kratikaa Sengar took her place as the adult Rani Lakshmi Bai and she did a re-entry to the same serial as Kali. It is the character portrayal of a tribal ladies.

She was highly acclaimed and appreciated for essaying the character portrayal of Manu in Jhansi Ki Rani. She won numerous awards for the same character. When she came back as Kali she had a complete turn over in her appearance as she essayed the character portrayal of a tribal ladies. After essying her character portrayals in Jhansi Ki Rani, she was acting in Veer Shivaji Colours Tv as Rakhmaa.

Ulka Gupta, The young Jhansi Ki Rani of Zee Tv s epic drama, is a budding talent who wants to experiment on all fronts and won’t rest until she realizes her forte. Her energy and zest squash all doubts that arise regarding her eligibility to play Jhansi Ki Rani. She has undergone 2-months horse riding and sword fighting training for her character portrayal of young Lakshmi Bai. Apart from the physical training, she has learn Sanskrit to deliver the shlokas on the tv show. She first faced the camera in Resham Dankh, she got Sat Phere, in which she played Savri, Saloni s child.