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TV Serials

Humse Hai Life: Kabir – He is a new guy in Elite School. He is 19 yrs old. He has taken admission in Elite in the mid-session. He is 3-yrs elder compared to everyone in his class. He is arrogant, smart and rich. His attitude, looks and personality cannot be resisted by any girl. He is a talented artist. He likes irritating Sia and since his first day at Elite, he is after Sia. Everyone loathes him, especially Arjun. He is Arjun’s new roommate. Saloni is trying to seduce him along with her charm. The big question that arises is – ‘Why has he come to Elite ?’ that will be disclosed in the coming episodes.

Betab Dil Kee Tamannaa Hain: Varun Mehra – Kunal and Karishmaa Mehra’s youngest child. He is a rich and spoilt brat.

Na Ana Is Desh Lado: Shaurya – Shaurya as the love interest of Diya